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Southwest Woodworkers Club (Lake Charles Woodworkers Club, Inc.) Membership and Release Form

The undersigned acknowledges that the use of woodworking tools, (power and hand) can be dangerous. The undersigned further understands that certain safety precautions must be taken with the use of woodworking tools due to flying debris, sawdust, kickback and the like. The same precautions apply in the use of tools belonging to the Lake Charles Woodworkers Club, Inc. or its members, regardless of whether the use was, or was not, during a Club function.
      The undersigned further, waives, releases and holds harmless the Lake Charles Woodworkers Club, Inc., or any of its officers, directors, members, or guests, while using any tools furnished by the Club, or its members, or when watching or participating in any demonstration. It is specifically understood, that in giving this waiver, the undersigned would have no right to file any action against the Lake Charles Woodworkers Club, Inc. or its members or guests for injuries received while participating as a member of the Club, or as a guest, at a regular meeting, or otherwise.
     Further, if the undersigned uses any tools not owned by him, or her, he/she specifically warrants that he/she understands that the use of such tools is dangerous and should an accident occur, he/she specifically agrees that neither he/she, nor his/her heirs, or anyone else in his/her behalf, would have the right to file any claim against the Lake Charles Woodworkers Club, Inc. or its members or guests.
     I have read the above and understand it is a waiver of a right and the terms stated are agreeable.

Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana, this ____day of __________________, 20____.


Printed Name: __________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________

City. State, ZIP: _________________________________________

Phone: ______________  EMAIL: ___________________________

Print and Mail your membership form and check for $20.00 payable to the LC Woodworkers to -- or just bring the form to the next meeting and see the Treasurer:
Southwest Louisiana Woodworkers
ATTN: Treasurer
116 East Thomas Street
Sulphur, LA 70663

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